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Denver is an energetic city that offers urban adventure and abundant outdoor activities. With numerous distinctive neighborhoods, including a vibrant downtown and historic district, Denver offers an array of exciting and unique experiences. Located near at the foot of the Rocky Mountains the city provides breathtaking views and basks in 300 days of sunshine annually.
Hart Realty Group

Denver is a great city with lots of neighborhoods and options. Finding the right neighborhood for you and your family can be a maze. With A few questions in mind we can help you to narrow things down depending on what your priorities may be.

1. When you say "amenities" which ones specifically are most important to you (or your family) ?

2. What size/type of home are you looking for and what size yard?

3. How important is it for your kids (if you have kids) to have lots of other kids in the community? (or would they be more likely to have friends from school).

4. Is it important to you (and your family) to be able to walk to things from home (parks, shops, restaurants, and schools)?

5. Do you prefer more urban, more suburban, or don't have a preference?

6. Do you want to know or be friendly with your neighbors (a social community) or would you prefer to be more private and to have more space from your neighbors (for example, a home on a large lot where you don't see your neighbors much or at all)?

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